Escape to New Worlds

Welcome to the new worlds of the Triune. Join with us as we explore speculative and science fiction writings from a Christian perspective. Each novel seeks to demonstrate the power of God in the lives of His people and how He transforms us through large, life and death challenges to our self-concepts.  If you would like to comment on any of my writings or books, please go to my Readers' Blog by clicking the blog title in the menu bar above.

My purpose in writing is, of course to entertain. But there is more. In my understanding God is always at work in the world. He reveals Himself to ordinary and extraordinary people at times in their lives we might call crises. He wants a loving relationship with them… and you. My stories are based on how He revealed Himself to me and to others that I know... a true new world.[1]

My settings are designed to open the horizons of the reader. History and geography are replete with exciting worlds that many of us would never engage unless someone opens them for us. The Triune Chronicles speculate on the origin of man in accordance with the Bible, but with thoughts about what some dimensions of that origin might be. I have used a number of non-biblical sources that could possibly explain some of the “hows” God moved as He did as revealed in the Bible. As a result, in case you didn’t understand, I have an “old earth” perspective on creation. One very interesting source by a Jewish MIT scientist is Schroeder, “The Science of God.”[2] Schroeder explains how the seven days of creation and scientists’ estimate of the age of the universe are not only compatible, but also extremely precise.


Latest Works

Book Title

Triune Trilogy I IIn the Triune saga, a Jewish family learns the power of God as they face a thoroughly evil antagonist, intent on achieving unlimited power. They also learn that God does not hesitate to place those He chooses in life changing positions, but always equips them for the task He assigns.

Book Title
Cold Warrior:  An Air Force major learns to rely on God to protect his wife as he leads an outstanding team of Air Force officers and enlisted flyers to discover a massive Soviet ruse. In the process several of those around him are also transformed.
Book Title
Time Enough:   In Time Enough, a college freshman learns that God wants him to have a dynamic relationship with Christ over any other life twist. He also understands that God draws all to Him and that dealing with Him is by faith, not by sight. I am contemplating more novels of this type where the protagonist recognizes he is on the cusp of history and responds to his Creator and Savior. Some of these deal with the designer of a hybrid airship in 1920, the infantry from the Spanish American war to World War II, and the discovery of a runestone in Minnesota six hundred and fifty years before today. 

Life Impacts Writing

Both my twenty-six year career in the Air Force and sixteen years in private industry have impacted my writing. There certainly are heroes I have known in the service to our country, and they deserve all the accolades we can give them. I am also awed by the heroes in private industry, the engineers, managers and marketers who provide outstanding products and services to our great country through uncountably many hours of blood, sweat and tears…they are unsung heroes also.

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