Triune: Discovery


I fear I am facing my last battle, so I am compelled to tell you the story of Triune.

An ugly, fearful Jewish teenager looking with trepidation toward college, I nevertheless lived a life that many would envy. Daddy, Jeremiah Levy, a leader in the world of high finance, deeply loved my actress Mother, Linda Childress. “Oma,” Hanna Levi, my great-grandmother, was the most interesting member of my family. Ours was special and loving relationship.

During the first crisis when Daddy was murdered, I learned Oma was the 433rd Bearer of Urim, one of two sacred stones used in antiquity by our High Priest to discern Adonai’s will. After her miraculous release from Dachau, she had recovered the lost Urim, now called Triune, from Hitler’s bunker during World War II’s final days. She employed it at Adonai’s direction for more than seventy years. Seeing her life was ending, she wanted to anoint me as 434th Bearer! Seventeen and terrified of such responsibility, I rejected her.

Evil forces had recruited three agents provocateur to recover Triune. The first, Konstantin Stalyarnov, murdered Daddy, stole my family’s fortune and had vowed to destroy my entire family, shocking me from my naďveté. He wanted more…he wanted Triune seeing it as the key to his ultimate wealth and power. Mother and I escaped his assassins to her home in Texas, leaving Oma, at her insistence, to face them alone. Under a compulsion born of love and guilt, I returned on my own to our penthouse to find Oma with her throat cut and only a hint where to find Triune. Pursued by Stalyarnov’s assassin, I did find it and fled back to Texas, Triune shielding me.

Through Triune’s holographic recordings Oma told me that Adonai had chosen me to be His champion. I vowed as soon as possible to find someone with true courage and dedication to God to take Triune...I knew I was not worthy or capable. Soon after, a clandestine group of Cohanim and Rabbis intent on acquiring Hebrew artifacts and rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple requested I display its powers to them. I agreed in hopes of handing off the responsibility. Stalyarnov had orchestrated this, drawing me out of hiding. He tried but failed to take Triune at gunpoint thanks to Triune’s powers. His assassin pursued me across Germany almost killing me and taking Triune. As months of recovery passed, I prayed to G-d as Oma had taught me to find and recover Triune and become the Bearer I was supposed to be. He gave me a second chance.

God sent three people into my life to aid my quest. Pieter Christiaan protected me until Stalyarnov’s assassin shot me and took the Triune. Pieter would become my life partner. Meredith provided me with means for my quest. In answer to my prayers, Adonai’s sent His promised blind hero Isaac to me to help in the recovery. With the help of a family friend, Isaac recovered his sight to lead me against Stalyarnov’s castle in recovering Triune. More importantly, he convinced me his Savior, Yeshua Messiah, was the Adonai I was trying to serve.

Stalyarnov, accompanied by a wraith-like creature he called Master, lured me into a trap to coerce me to teach him how to use Triune, as he had been unable to exploit its powers in the months since stealing it. Isaac saved me, causing Stalyarnov to flee, but like a junkyard dog, from a new hideout he pursued me to get Triune back and force its secrets from me. My first real mission with Triune revealed Stalyarnov’s conspiracy with the other two agents provocateur to provoke Arab nations to attack Israel over Jerusalem to elevate the leader to UN Secretary General. Triune foiled their plans, but they were not ready to abandon their scheme.

The second mission found Isaac and me in the Ukraine recording atrocities against Jews. Stalyarnov’s agents captured Isaac and me and flew us to his sanctuary. Torturing Isaac and threatening my Mother, he finally succeeded in forcing me to teach Triune’s secrets. I knew freedom would elude me as long as he lived. As he used Triune’s powers, it revealed his eternal damnation. The unholy trio of his Master and two conspirators abandoned him. Bathed in fear over his destiny his heart failed...I was astonished at what happened next. He descended into his own personal hell. Free until the next battle, this time with the unholy trio.

As I continued on the journey I reflected on what I had learned: that when Adonai reveals your life mission, he not only gives the means to accomplish it, but that He offers Himself as your personal Savior and Protector. I may not survive the next mission, but I know that if I do not I will be safe in His arms.